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The Octaves of Harmony
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Piano Keys Into Light

The Octaves of Harmony

There is much to be said about the polarity and vibration of joy and sorrow, trial and conquest, fear and joy in terms of good versus evil, acceptance and surrender. In the way of the mystic, these waves of emotions are marked only by a mere milestone of the gradual interchange from one octave to another like the keys of a piano.

As I sit at the piano bench looking down at the spread of black and white keys I can see that the analogy of acceptance and surrender within the sound of each key that is struck is quite apparent. Within the white keys we associate goodness, light, enlightenment and virtue and in the other dark key our association could be hideous, abhorrent and evil, or the absence of light. My initial impulse is to say that one is desirable while the other repulsive, yet upon closer contemplation I realize that without our struggles, the triumph of our life journey would be hollow. Without pain, joy becomes undervalued, without the sway of the eternally moving pendulum, bitter though it may be in times of grief or struggle the lesson that teaches love and selflessness is never learned.

The personal epiphany then becomes the understanding that there is no need for a lower vibration, for as it fluxes between the lower and the higher vibrational pattern, it is all the same. There is no need for humanity to seek it’s fulfillment and salvation in the realization of its divinity. Divinity is inherent and coexists within the octave of both keys, black and white, good and evil and in our joy and in our sorrow. It is in our ability to accept our life’s challenges without judgment or intention to force our will that we are able to surrender into the melody of our own inner music.

The finer vibrations of the upper octaves are what we eventually discover as our soul vibration and the personal creativeness of the universal theme, the music of our soul. The task then is merely in striving to raise the lower to blend with the higher vibrations and octaves in order to establish within our own depths, the elements of peace and harmony and not to be ingrained with emotional heights and conflict. I think that the far more difficult task is in refining and raising that harmony until it is capable of meeting with, and rejoicing in the divine source and the entire universal scale.

As I idly finger the black and white keys of the piano, not knowing how to play it and striking a harmonious cord as well as a inharmonious one, I wonder if I can honestly say that any one note in and of itself is good or bad? I realize that it is the combination of notes that the player chooses which determines a harmonious melody or in this case “a harmonious life journey”. No great musician such as Beethoven produced a symphony on the white keys alone. It is the choosing and blending and harmonizing of all the possibilities of life’s keyboard that produces the masterpiece of the authentic self in acknowledgement of master-ship.

We are all given the precious gift of choice, free and unfettered. The gift is the gift of the divine power to create our own symphony and to blend and harmonize our life’s journey. The finished product is the beauty and excellence that proceeded from our discipline, trial, error, and personal struggle as well as the understanding and realization that our unity lies in the oneness of all life’s manifestation.

Through the passage of time alone, have I come to realize the elusive blessings of these universal laws, consciously or not. And only in the quieter opening measures of prayer and breath am I able to find the cord in which to harmonize with a new octave.

Carol Horton

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