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Carol Japngie Horton (602) 410 6151


With her highly intuitive Aura, charismatic and engaging personality, Carol can help you excavates the full expression of yourself in a few powerful sessions. She will help you transform your dull, agonizing life events into limitless possibilities, hidden gifts and empowering legacy for a renewed exciting life of joy, love, and peace. Much Love, Josiane – Josiane Bonté Apollon, LMHC , Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Integrative Coach
Carol is one of the most profound, intuitive, intregrative healer and coach I have ever experienced. I had the opportunity to experience, in just two sessions, the integration of my inner strength and courage to move forward in my life. I can honestly say I 'feel' my Brilliant Self more than I ever have which is preparing me to do the big work I am here to do. My friends also commented on the incredible shift they could see within myself which is proof that what Carol does - Works! Carol has an innate ability to see the truth within every experience and this is a gift she offers all who are ready to shine their light and live their dreams. I am truly honoured to have Carol in my life and I know that now is the time for women to say yes to receiving guidance. Carol guides you to the real YOU so you can express more fully and live a life that is deeply rewarding.  – Karen Klassen, Founder of Women Embracing Brilliance
Dear Carol, I am so very glad I followed my intuition to pick up the phone and call you to do some hypnotherapy coaching sessions. I was just thinking about you the other day and had to send this note regarding the fabulous results that have manifested in my life which I credit to working with you in hypnotherapy. We did only a small amount of work together, however the benefit was tremendous and unlike the laborious regular psycho-therapy and/or counseling sessions, this was so wonderfully comfortable and effortless. Being able to trust you fully was easy due to your experience as well as your personality. Doing this healing work with you allowed me to get thru hurdles that have been in my life since childhood which is so freeing. Thank you SO much! Gratitude and Blessings, Pam. – Pam Zober
I have had the privilege of working with Carol and I have to tell you it has been an incredible gift. Her passion and commitment to her craft and to her clients is unparalleled. She is extremely gifted and continues to educate herself and hone her skills. Her intuition and insight is uncanny lending itself to getting to the core of issues more quickly culminating with accelerated and lasting results. She does this all with ease and grace. Through her healing techniques, the knowledge and insight I have gained about myself has resulted in a much better understanding of how best to be in this life as I continue to grow and move forward. – Lynn Garrison
What Carol brings to her coaching relationships and all other interactions is palpable passion and conviction in the work she does.  Her passion is contagious and has then power to inspire.  She has certainly inspired me.  She sets a great example of what it looks like to embrace one's authentic self.  In my interactions and experiences with Carol her honesty paved the way for me to step forward and express my truth.  I look for a professional coach to show themselves, their truth, vulnerability and power.  I have seen and known that in Carol since our first interaction.  She has everything at her disposal to create transformational change in her clients. – John Hayes
I met Carol initially at Debbie Ford's Shadow Process Weekend Workshop and then through the Integrative Coaching Training.  She was such a great support to me ... so enthusiastic, authentic and so giving.  Our talks and our time together at the San Diego intensive was very special to me ... she sees right through a situation and has such incredible insight.  It's been such a gift and blessing to know her as a friend and colleague. – Yasmin Abadian
I love that Carol is passionate and caring about helping her clients with their process of transformation.  She has a unique set of skills to assess, access and address core issues, which she does with both integrity and compassion.  I recommend her highly and you'll know why after speaking with her once!  – Andi Feinberg
Carol helped me process an ongoing issue that years of therapy didn't resolve! Her process is unique and gets right to the heart of the persistent issue. She is insightful and compassionate. I highly recommend her! – Carry Shubert
I'm blown away, no my sails are adjusted and I'm cruising along, feeling so much more free and inspired, thanks to you. – Marti Anderson
From the moment we met the light that projects from the core of what makes you has been an inspiration. Your coaching helped to awaken my inner light and allow me to see my full potential. About one year ago you helped me to create clarity within my mind so I was able to set an intention that has now manifested into my reality. I thank you so much for your powerful words of wisdom and strength. Love and light. – Ravenflower
Carol Horton is such an amazing coach and spiritual leader! At the beginning of our sessions I had found out that I was pregnant and was already struggling with raising 2 of my other children on my own. I had also just walked out of a job that I hated. Needless to say that I was in a lot of fear and confusion around my future and the prospects of finding another job while pregnant at the same time. Carol helped me in shifting my life around by seeing what was working in my life instead of being constantly focused on all the negative aspects which was pulling me into a very dark place. When I first went to her my goal and intention was to find some peace in my life and to find a way out of my constant state of fear. Every session that I had with Carol gave me the tools that I needed to make a significant shift and to step into my fears and learn to embrace them. She held on tight to my goals and supported me through the times when I just wanted to let go and give up. Because of Carol I found myself pushing forward with determination. The life tools that she gave me have dramatically changed my life! Before we even completed half of our sessions I had found a new job that I love and it pays me more than what I was making in my previous job. I got a raise and a promotion not to long after with no reservations about the fact that I was pregnant. I was no longer struggling and most importantly I found myself empowered, out of fear and with a heart filled with gratitude and love. I felt like I had finally found the peace I was looking for. All of this happened because of this earth angel named Carol! I am so very grateful for her help. – Erica Esquibel