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Radiant Flame Meditation and The Alchemy of Self-Transformation
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Radiant Flame Meditation and The Alchemy of Self-Transformation

The radiant flame has been used for hundreds of years and there are many variations of this meditation. The radiant flame was used mostly by spiritual alchemists. Alchemy is an extensive topic and can be very complicated if you are just entering into your spiritual awareness and study. In offering a quick explanation; alchemy translated from Latin to English is known as “The Great Work”. Traces of Alchemy can be found throughout ancient history as it was used as the main pathway to spiritual enlightenment. From ancient Egyptian and Greek documents to the middle ages of China alchemy was widely used by sages and wisdom keepers all over the world.

There were 3 original and traditional colored flames that were used, Black, White and Red, Shiny Black which represented the physical realm or your body. Shiny Black which is not a dull matte color represented the unknown and the universe, shiny black was considered to be positive energies as it merely represented parts of the shadow self and the balance of the natural course of life, Matte Black was considered too carry the energy of hopelessness and desolation. White, in contrast represented the energy of the divine, unconditional love, wisdom and healing. Red is the color of spirit and power from within.

Although Alchemy is widely thought to have been used as a means to turn metal into gold by separating the molecular structure and achieving a sort of mastery over base metal, this type of transforming metal into gold is only a metaphor for working with any of the radiant flame colors. The metaphor speaks to the idea of transmuting or altering negative energy into positive energy.

Alchemical flame meditation will eventually allow you to have mastery over yourself and the subtle energies that you are working with. Each colored flame represents a different plane of understanding and consciousness and are used to address a myriad of situations that one may need to work through.

Self mastery in alchemy and The Flame meditation are techniques which are primarily used for, spiritual awareness and the ability to shift energy from negative to positive. It is also used meditatively to strengthen clairvoyance, gain the ability to heal at long distances as well as healing the self, and reaching a sense of enlightenment.

Variations of different colored flames were added over the centuries through masters who understood the depth of the subtle planes of energy and the continual evolution of the soul’s need for expansion. Today the colored flames include teal, gold, and violet, along with the traditional colors shiny black, aluminous white and brilliant red. Each with its own vibrational frequencies which I will get into so that you can choose which flame works best for you in your present life situation.

The general purpose for using this type of meditation is to be able to access universal information in order to shift your present state of being, whether it is physical, mental, or spiritual. Through working on the more subtle levels of your life force energies or Chi. Each color is akin to that of a ray, kind of like seeing light passing through a prism or cut crystal. As the sun light passes through the prism it will reflect out every color of the rainbow. Each color or ray of light possesses a very specific and condensed frequency which has the amazing ability to transmute energy for purposes of healing the body, gaining clarity and obtaining information if you are confused about making decisions that are ultimately in your highest good. This meditation will also facilitate self-actualization and dispelling energies trapped in your Etheric field that are not authentically part your divine nature. It’s a great way to clear you energetic field if you have been exposed to highly negative people of situations and drama’s. As a life coach I use this technique regularly to clear myself after every session. It allows me to stay in my own energetic field without feeling dragged down or dumped on if I had a particularly challenging client or a full day of coaching. It also allows me to move from one client to the next with more ease and grace.

The Teal Flame is considered to be the most powerful colored flame along with the Gold Flame; these two colors connect to a much higher energy field or frequency. If I were to compare the frequencies in watts the difference between these two colors and the rest would be comparable to 100 watts of energy verses 1000 watts. Connecting to certain planes of spiritual awareness is what will boost the wattage of the energy field up even more giving you a sense of being in perfect alignment with all facets of your being such as your spiritual, physical and emotional self.

The most important plane of awareness in alchemy is known as the Plane of the Absolute which is beyond our energy field yet when properly accessed has the ability to open us up to the understanding and knowledge of the entire universe from within ourselves. The Plane of the absolute transcends the physical universe. It is the unmanifested original force yet to be sent forth into creation. Within it contains absolute stillness; it is the macrocosm of the All where all holographic information is contained. It exists beyond time and space.


The White Flame – Represents your divinity or your soul. It is the direct communication with the “I AM” or the source. Within the white flame there is compassion, understanding, and the ability to learn from and tap into all information that has ever existed. Also known as the Akashic Records of mystical knowledge.

The Shiny Black Flame – Represents all of the unknown parts of ourselves, things that we may be afraid to look at or take responsibility for. We are the creators of our own reality and we co-create our reality with others. The shiny black flame allows us to see our shadows and to take full responsibility for our own creations both good and bad. It allows us to get clear about the parts that we play in any given situation so that we can break old patterns and habits in order to consciously make different choices. Again the black is shiny, if it is matte or dull in color than it represents mucky energy which is born of fear and hopelessness. The “SHINY” is the color of the galaxy which holds within it all possibilities that are unknown and infinite.

The Red Flame – Represents true power. Not power over others but the power that lies within each of us. This power from within is self contained, it breeds self-assurance, impeccable integrity and the ability to lead from a place of resolved confidence and courage. Within the red flame we can access our fearless warrior within.

The Teal Flame – Represents the plane of the Absolute, beyond time and space as we perceive it. Teal is known to be the most powerful flame as it has the ability to transmute negative energy into a positive flow in every aspect of your life. This flame will raise your vibrational frequency to such a level that you will organically dispel any fear, anxiety, or blockage in your life that may be holding you back from standing in your truly authentic and powerful self. Teal will dissolve all negative aspects of your energy field and has the power to transform most anything in your life. Teal is usually recommended for use in most cases.

The Gold Flame – Represents the plane of Creation which deals with the physical and biological body. Since the physical body is denser than that of the Etheric body, regeneration is more complex and requires the Gold Flame to quicken the organic process of healing on a physical level. The way to use the gold flame (as with all the flames) is to emerge yourself in it and consciously visualize any physical blockages being burned by the flame as to create an even flow of the bodies chi or energy throughout every cell, muscle and organ.

The Violet Flame – Represents the energy of the third eye chakra. Visualizing a violet flame in this area stimulates and awakens the third eye in order to see more clearly on an intuitive level. If you experience an energy that you don’t recognize or feels instinctively uncomfortable or even scary, visualizing a violet flame over it will help you understand what the intention of the energy is. If the energy that you are dealing with is somehow negative or energetically harmful then place a violet flame around yourself and in all passageways. This type of energy is unable to penetrate the violet flame. You can also use this flame to further stimulate mind focus. And if used like that of a laser the Violet Flame can cut away blockages with acute accuracy.

Read the meditation through completely before beginning

Close your eyes and take the time to center yourself by feeling your body completely relax, actually give yourself permission to drop into your body on a deep level by speaking it quietly to yourself (“I give myself permission to completely relax and let go”). Take a few deep slow, comfortable breaths and feel yourself dropping further and further down, allow yourself to take this time to go really deep. When you have hit a very deep level inside of you, notice that you are standing in front of your full potential self. This is the part of you that has all the answers and is filled with universal wisdom. Ask this part of yourself to bring up an intention for this meditation. Get clear with yourself about what you want to accomplish in this meditation. Do you want more clarity? Do you need to heal some physical aspect of yourself? Do you need to release some aspect of yourself that no longer serves you? What is your intention?

Once you are clear about your intention visualize yourself standing in a beautiful forest with a stream or river and lots of ancient grove trees around you.

Visualize the river in front of you flowing down from your right side. The tree represents your unique essence while the river represents the universal flow of energy. Once you are facing the river with the tree behind you, walk behind the tree and put your back against it so that both the tree and the river are behind you. Take some time to feel the trees bark against your back as you lean into it then ask the tree for permission to bring you to the plane of the Absolute. Ask the tree to assist you in this meditation and to guide you in this process of self-healing and releasing.

Now see in front of you a big beautiful fire, kind of like a bonfire. Choose the color of the flame that you want to work with. Then step into the bonfire and feel the flame radiate throughout your body, feel it moving into every cell of your body. Feel the flame burning away your fears, concerns, ailments, addictions, attachments and whatever it is that you are seeking to release. Stay in this radiant flame until you have released everything and until you have a sense of absolute stillness within your being. Play with this flame, ask questions and see what answers come to you, visualize yourself in your highest purpose and see what comes up. Ask your ascended masters, teachers and guides to show themselves to you or bring in the full potential of someone else that you may be having some issues with and ask their higher self what you need to do in order to resolve your situation with them. There is so much you can do in this flame so be creative with it.

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