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Profusion Coaching Services
Carol Japngie Horton (602) 410 6151

Profusion Coaching Services

In considering this program you have already made that unconscious commitment to yourself to live a life that has the potential to be easier, happier, healthier and more abundant than you have ever experienced before.

Thank you for taking that first step in courage,


My Gift to You

Complimentary Session

This complimentary session and introductory offer will establish where in your life you may be experiencing a lack of flow or productivity. We will go through each area of your life-wheel including your career, home, relationships, money, family and well-being to determine which area(s) of your life may need some more focus, This complimentary session offers greater clarity to see which areas of your life are in balance and which may be causing unrest or disruptions that require more attention.

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Individual Sessions

It is not recommended that a client come in for only one session as it takes time, diligence, and patience to make any major life shifts. I work on a minimal of 3 sessions and up to 10 sessions. After a coaching relationship has been established I will always accommodate a client with any follow-up sessions they ask for. Transformational work is an ongoing, life-long process as we are always growing and expanding our awareness to new heights and challenges.

Fee: $120
(Session packages below offer 1 complimentary session and a $20 discount per session)

4 Sessions: Crisis Management Resolution

This 4-session package will focus on any immediate issues you are having trouble addressing or getting a handle on. 4 sessions is by no means a “cure all” and is merely designed to help you find a different perspective on your situation/ These sessions will allow you to turn your negative language into a more positive and productive way of thinking, move you out of feeling stuck and support you in moving forward with your life goals.

Fee: $300
(Includes 1 Complimentary Session)

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These Crisis Management sessions are in no way related to any crisis medical conditions or drug use. Coaching or hypnotherapy should never be used as an alternative to a diagnosis from your doctor. If you are being medically treated and have been prescribed medication, it should always be monitored by your personal physician. Any issues around excessive recreational drugs, alcohol or prescription drug use need to be addressed with your general medical practitioner.

11 Sessions: Reclaiming Your Future

This is an 11-week program designed to transform your life from what you are experiencing now. We’ll break through your personal blocks and help you powerfully move towards living an engaged, passionate, creative life – infused with the ability to connect with your inner knowing and grace. You’ll learn the simple laws of attraction and how to use tools on a daily basis with thoughts, feelings and actions. This will help you get past obstacles more effectively instead of allowing them to become an aversion.

This 11-week coaching program will give you the confidence in life that will pull you out of resentment around what you think you don’t have. You’ll gain a new awareness of what you are truly capable of as you step fully into the vast expanse of the possibility, events and outcomes that you have been yearning for.

50% of Total Fee

Fee: $1,000
(Includes 1 Complimentary Session)

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Payment Policy for 4 and 11 sessions: Half will be required prior to beginning your journey toward self healing, with the remainder to be paid prior to your last session. Cancellation Policy is within one week of purchase.