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Carol Japngie Horton (602) 410 6151


I strive towards supporting and empowering my clients in identifying and integrating their Self-defeating habits, behaviors and belief systems by guiding them to understand and pin-point where they originated from. Then they can begin to change their embedded stories about who they are and why they repeat the same non-serving behaviors. The intention for my Profusion Coaching sessions is to learn how to let go of old baggage, to redirect your thoughts from negative inner dialogue to a positive flow of empowerment that will change your life in the most astonishing and unexpected ways.

My goal is for every one of my clients to walk away learning new techniques and tools that can be used on a daily basis for continued growth, healing and transformation in every aspect of their lives. Our work together will allow you to step powerfully into your future! I believe that each and every one of us has all the answers that we need to unlock our ability to live in our full potential, to be happy in our relationships and to step into what our personal meaning of an abundant life would be.