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Welcome to my Blog
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Welcome to my Blog

There are so many avenues that we can take these days to establish a sense of community, blogs are definitely one of them. Having said that, my purpose for creating a blog on my website is to share with you my thoughts, ideas and to also give you some fun tools that you can use on a daily basis that is empowering and thought provoking. If you are someone that is looking to expedite your process of personal growth and spiritual transformation then you have come to the right place.

My intention is to create an open forum for feedback, ideas, and comments and if you also have some tools that you find helpful in your life, I would love for you to share them. This blog is a virtual gathering place for like minded people who are authentic, honest, loving, non-judgmental, and looking for a safe space to co-create with others.

We live in a harsh world with a lot of angry and frustrated energy around us. Finding a peaceful and safe space to land in at the end of a stressful day can be challenging, especially if we have no avenues in which to recharge our spiritual and emotional battery. My vision for this blog is to create just that.

As human beings one of our primary needs is to be heard and supported in what we have to say. I hope to create an oasis over the ethers of the internet that we can all meet and support each other on this sometimes difficult journey called life. Know that you will be supported, loved and held to your highest if you chose to engage in this blog.

Carol Japngie Horton

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