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Carol Japngie Horton (602) 410 6151





Storm Wisdom

Storm Wisdom is an amazing crystal store located in Phoneix, AZ. The owner Charles McAlpine is a personal friend and is cut from the clothe of impeccable integrity. Storm Wisdom is always hosting amazing workshops and events.




Tom Kenyon

Tom Kenyon is one of the most respected sound healers in the world today. I have been going to his sound healing seminars held in Seattle every year for the last 5 years. His writings from the Hathor’s have been a profound influence in my journey towards growth.




Energetic Voice

This is YOUR Metaphysical Talk Show. The show is about empowering you. What’s on your mind? Is there something you want to share that helps make a difference in people’s lives? Where are you stuck? Let’s take a look from an energetic level, a spiritual angle, a fresh perspective and see if we can find the bigger picture that helps you get past limitations. We want to hear YOUR Voice.

NeriumAD skincare

During advanced research on the uses of the Nerium oleander plant, an accidental discovery was made: the unique properties of Nerium oleander provided remarkable age-defying results when applied to the skin. This finding led to the creation of the NeriumAD skincare line.

Actualize Joy

Actualize Joy offers clients an opportunity to find the lost or missing joy in their life. Sonya Stockhaus, Joy Detective uses evocative question to facilitate self awareness and manifest Joy. She also a Reiki Master and Reflexologist.

Women Embracing Brilliance

Karen Klassen, founder of Women Embracing Brilliance is a dear friend and powerful coaching colleague. I am also on the Advisory Board of Women Embracing Brilliance and I work closely with Karen in the co-creation of this amazing community of women. This community was created to support women in owning and expressing the power they need to be centered in their own being of feminine energy. It is here women remember how to connect to their authentic voice, discover their inner power, create fulfilling relationships and live their beautiful life. I invite you to join our empowered network of women and take that crucial step towards embracing your brilliant self.