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Coyote Glowing Edges

The Quiet Leader

I learned a pretty amazing lesson today from a coyote during a hike. My very large chocolate lab bounded into a pack of coyote that was hunting for food. As I called him back the pack of coyote all scattered then reassembled themselves behind their fearless leader who stood its ground as I stood mine. We were a half a …

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Piano Keys Into Light

The Octaves of Harmony

There is much to be said about the polarity and vibration of joy and sorrow, trial and conquest, fear and joy in terms of good versus evil, acceptance and surrender. In the way of the mystic, these waves of emotions are marked only by a mere milestone of the gradual interchange from one octave to another like the keys of …

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Funnel Resized For Blog

Radiant Flame Meditation and The Alchemy of Self-Transformation

The radiant flame has been used for hundreds of years and there are many variations of this meditation. The radiant flame was used mostly by spiritual alchemists. Alchemy is an extensive topic and can be very complicated if you are just entering into your spiritual awareness and study. In offering a quick explanation; alchemy translated from Latin to English is …

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